At the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and the Center for Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Prof. Mayank Vahia (Indus script, geometry, urbanisation)
vahia [at]

Nisha Yadav (Indus script, Indus geometry)
y_nisha [at]

Kavita Gangal (Neolithic transitions, Indus urbanisation)
kavitg [at]

Bhagyashree (Indus mathematics)

At The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Dr. Ronojoy Adhikari (Indus script, Indus urbanisation)
rjoy [at]

Dr. Sitabhra Sinha (Indus script, Indus geometry)
sitabhra [at]

At the University of Washington, Seattle

Dr. Rajesh Rao (Indus script)
rao [at]

Independent researcher, Hyderabad

Hrishikesh Joglekar (Indus script)
astrohrishi [at]

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